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Play is the most fundamental way that children discover their impact on the world around them. Hotshots Gymnastics provides a safe yet stimulating and nurturing environment where children can take the mental, physical, and social risks required for growth.

At Hotshots Gymnastics, we believe that gymnastics is the ideal movement program to develop the total body awareness that is essential for cognitive development as well as forming the foundation for many other sports.

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Entrance is Around back

Please note that our entrance is around the back of the building. We have moved all classes to the larger part of the facility in an effort to deliver to our students that best possible experience. Our new gym features air conditioning and a much more open feel with the luxury of the newest and best gymnastics equipment on Long Island.

Join the Top East Coast Boys Gymnastics Program

Congratulations to our very own, former Olympian Coach Cristian Leric, recipient of the New York State Coach of the Year Award.

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Hotshots Gymnastics is now offering gift certificates. Please stop by the front desk for details and give the gift of that keeps giving; an amazing gymnastics experience at Hotshots.

Weather-related Closures

An email will be sent for any scheduled classes that are cancelled due to inclement weather.

Competitive Teams

Hotshots Gymnastics offers Competitive Teams – Level 3 & Up! Teams include USAG, USAIGC, and Boys teams. Come train in the newest facility in Long Island!

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Sign up now for our exciting air conditioned summer birthday parties.

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